Here are match-ups we're watching and links to the latest voting results.  In many cases, the links will take you to the Secretary of State's website or the Stearns County website.  We have not listed uncontested races.

Minnesota polling places are now open until 8 p.m.  Ballots are counted after the polls close.

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Federal Offices

United State President (Minnesota Results Only) | Presidential Race (U.S. Results)
Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D) - Incumbent
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (R)

U.S. Senate
Amy Klobuchar (D) – Incumbent
Kurt Bills (R)

Sixth District Congressional Race
- Michele Bachmann (R) – Incumbent
- Jim Graves (D)

Seventh District Congressional Race
- Collin Peterson (D) - Incumbent
- Lee Byberg (R)

Eighth District Congressional Race
- Chip Cravaack (R) - Incumbent
- Rick Nolan (D)

State Amendment Questions

Voter Photo ID Amendment
Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to require all voters to present valid photo identification to vote and to require the state to provide free identification to eligible voters, effective July 1, 2013?

Marriage Amendment
Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?

Legislative Offices

State Senate – District 13
- Michelle Fischbach (R) – Incumbent Paynesville
- Peggy Boeck (D) Paynesville

State District – District 14
- John Pederson (R) – Incumbent St. Cloud
- Jerry McCarter (D) St. Cloud

State House – District 13A
- Richard Bohannon (D) – Cold Spring
- Jeff Howe (R) - Rockville

State House – District 13B
- Tim O’Driscoll – (R) – Incumbent Sartell
- Shannon Schroeder (D) – Rice

State House – District 14A
- Steve Gottwalt – (R) Incumbent St. Cloud
- Anne Nolan (D) – St. Cloud

State House – District 14B
- King Banaian (R) – Incumbent St. Cloud
- Zachary Dorhold (D) – St. Cloud

County Offices

Stearns County – Commissioner District 3
- Jeff Mergen
- Chad Middendorf

Stearns County – Commissioner District 4
- Leigh Lenzmeier – Incumbent
- Darrell Bruestle

Benton County – Commissioner District 5
- Jake Bauerly
- Stephen Simones

Sherburne County – Commissioner District 1
- Bruce Anderson
- Larry Farber

Sherburne County – Commissioner District 3
- Rollie Lange
- John Riebel senior

Sherburne County – Commissioner District 5
- Wendy Kowalski
- Rachel Leonard


St. Cloud – City Council (three at large seats)
- George Hontos – Incumbent
- Sonja Hayden-Berg – Incumbent
- Jeff Goerger – Incumbent
- Jake Anderson
- Carol Lewis

St. Cloud City Bond Referendum
One question asking voters to approve and $18 million levy for 10 years.

“Shall the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota, be authorized to issue general obligation bonds pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 475.58, in a principal amount not to exceed $18,000,000 in total over the next four calendar years (2013-2016) to fund a program of street and infrastructure improvements? BY VOTING “YES” ON THIS BALLOT QUESTION, YOU ARE VOTING FOR A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.”

Sauk Rapids – City Council (two at large seats)
- Bill Bard – Incumbent
- Nicholas Sauer
- Steve Heinen
- Jeremy Stockinger

Sartell – City Council (two at large seats)
- Sandra Cordie – Incumbent
- Steve Hennes – Incumbent
- Mike “Spike” Piotrowski
- Amy Braig-Linstrom

St. Joseph – City Council (Two seats)
- Renee Symanietz – Incumbent
- Bob Loso – Incumbent
- Troy Goracke
- Thomas Gustafson
- Matt Killam

St. Augusta – City Council (Two seats)
- Paul Reinert – Incumbent
- Donna Schulzenberg – Incumbent
- Jim Brannan


St. Cloud Area Schools (Four four-year terms)
- Cynthia Harner – Incumbent
- Les Green – Incumbent
- Daniel Brill
- Allen Dahlgren
- Dennis Whipple

ROCORI Schools (Three four-year terms)
- Mike Austreng
- Cliff Johnson
- Nadine Schnettler
- Lynn Schurman

ROCORI Schools (One two-year term)
- Kara Johnson
- Bob Lessinger

ROCORI Bond Referendum
One question asking the voters to renew an $800,000 a year levy for six years.

Sartell - St. Stephen Schools (Three four year terms)
- Christopher Condon
- Krista Laurich
- Dan Goetz
- Chris Gross
- Jason Nies
- Pam Raden
- Molly Vogt
- Keith Yapp

Sartell - St. Stephen Schools (One two-year term)
- Michelle Meyer
- Gary Schnellert

Sauk Rapids - Rice Schools (Four four-year terms)
- Mark Hauck
- John L. Hull
- Tracy l. Morse
- Tracey Siereck
- Jan Solarz

Sauk Rapids - Rice Bond Referendum
One question asking voters to approve $1.7 million a year, for six years.