SARTELL - Voters in two Sartell precincts will have a more modern way of checking-in at their polling place Tuesday.

Sartell precincts 3 and 6 will pioneer the use of electronic check-in in Stearns County. Voters in these precincts have two options when they get to their polling place. They can either give their name to the election judge who will search for it electronically, or they can swipe their driver's license or Minnesota ID card. Once their registration is verified in the system, they'll be asked to sign a printed voter receipt, replace the past practice of a signature on the paper roster.

Anyone who isn't registered to vote can also do so electronically in those precincts on election day.

The electronic system is meant to increase privacy, make for a quicker check-in process, and reduce administrative work after the election.

Stearns County is hoping to expand the use of electronic rosters in 2018. The Twin Cities area is already using the electronic roster system.