UNDATED - Later this year part-time workers in two Minnesota cities will start earning paid sick time. On July 1st both Minneapolis and St. Paul will require companies to offer "Sick and Safe" time.

Chad Staul focuses his practice on labor and employment law at Rinke Noonan in St. Cloud. He says "safe" time can mean a variety of things.

They allow the employee to be gone not just because of their own illness, it's the illness of themselves and their family members, similar to the Family and Medical Leave Act.  But they also allow them to use this time for absences related to domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking...

Part time workers in Minneapolis and St. Paul will accrue one hour for every 30 hours worked. Staul says a third Minnesota city - Duluth - is also considering a similar ordinance.

He says there has been some push back from businesses.

I know there is some push back by the Chamber of Commerce. For example, I understand that the city of Minneapolis is involved in a lawsuit brought by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and others seeking an injunction of the ordinance so it doesn't go into affect.

Last week a Hennepin County judge issued a temporary injunction that affects companies based outside of Minneapolis, whose employees occasionally work within Minneapolis.

Staul says there have been bills on this issue introduced at the state legislature, but so far they've failed to get to a full vote.

He says it's a national trend that started on both coasts about 10 years ago.