Dylan Roses is in need of a kidney transplant. Dylan is from Rice and COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) estimates the cost of his transplant will be approximately $30,000. Dylan was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease. There is no cure for this and Dylan will need to have dialysis to live until he can receive a kidney transplant.

Dylan at 16, should be having the time of his life. Let's pull together to help Dylan get the transplant that he needs to live a normal, happy life.

I'm hoping that out of thankfulness for your own childrens health and happiness, or for those who can relish in living a healthy life, without have to spend hours and days of your life on a dialysis machine, just a few dollars from each of us could be LIFE CHANGING for Dylan!

Please click HERE to learn more about Dylan, and to make a donation.


If you know of someone in need like Dylan, please let us know. Send me your detailed information, including a picture if possible, to: kelly@mix949.com or kelly @wjon.com.