ST. CLOUD -- With racial tensions at an all time high one local organization is trying to create a sense of peace within the community.

Create Community held their 11th annual Conversation on Race Tuesday at the River's Edge Convention Center.

Create Community Chair Elect Deb Hall says with the recent events in St. Cloud, it's more important than ever to get a conversation started.

"Never before in the history of St. Cloud has conversation been more important. And as the mayor pointed out its the conversations we've had in the past that we were able to stand unity instead of divided," says Hall.

Throughout the day residents had a chance to participate in small table discussions where they could share their story of who they are, their experience in the community and their hopes for the future.

Hall says the conversations on race have grown over the past 11 years and the community forum is just the start of those conversations throughout the community.

"We're all curious, we are all curious about our neighbors. These events will provide you with some tools on how to ask those questions in positive intent and how to continue the conversation at our dinner table and workplace," says Hall.

Hall says the most important thing we can take away from these events is to keep the conversation going to bring our community together.